‘Good Chance’ of No Further Restrictions During Omicron Covid Pandemic says PM

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said there is a “good chance” that no more restrictions will be introduced to tackle to spread of Omicron.

At a Downing Street press conference, the Prime Minister said he would recommend to Cabinet on Wednesday that Plan B measures should remain in place, with no more additional restrictions at this point. The measures, which include working from home where possible, mask wearing in most public settings and Covid passports in some venues – are currently due to run out on 28 January.

“If you are to ask me to guess, I would say we have, as I said earlier on, we have a good chance of getting through the Omicron wave without the need for further restrictions, and without the need certainly for a lockdown,” said Johnson.

“I think the reason we’re in that position, unlike many other countries in the world, unlike many other countries in Europe, is that we just have such a high level now of booster protection.”

The PM also announced plans for 100,000 critical workers to take daily tests.

The testing scheme from 10 January will be for key industries including food processing, transport and the border force, to help to reduce the spread of the virus to colleagues.

James Calder Chief Executive of the Society of Independent Brewers said: “It is reassuring for small independent breweries that the Prime Minister has committed to no further changes to restrictions in England.

But for independent brewers and pubs the situation was and continues to be massively affected by the mixed messaging in December, which is normally the most important month of the year for hospitality. Pubs have proven they can operate safely and Now in January brewers and pubs need peoples’ support more than ever after a devastated December. So whether you are popping in for a lunchtime meal, a post-work pint, or for a non-alcoholic option and a catchup with a friend – support pubs and breweries this January because without this trade, many will not survive.”