Over 50% Of Brits Agree Sport Is Best Watched At The Pub!

One in two Brits say there is no substitute for watching sport at the pub when it comes to atmosphere and can’t wait to get back to their local this summer, a survey led by leading pub retailer and brewer, Greene King, has found.

Results have revealed that the best place for watching sport is at the pub with the top reasons being; a bigger screen, the exciting atmosphere, socialising with fellow sport lovers and 6 in 10 preferring to sink a cold pint down the pub as opposed to at home, showing support for the industry.

When asked where are the worst places to watch sport, over 80 per cent of those surveyed answered; through a shop window, whilst on public transport and even whilst on the loo! Watching in the back garden also ranked low due to screen glare and dreaded WiFi issues at the most vital moments.

Following the forced pub closures over the past year, it is apparent that punters are keen to support their locals, with:

  • almost 1 in 3 (30%) of the respondents who will be watching in the pub, will be watching in the pub for the first time this year
  • almost 1 in 4 (24%) of Brits would not usually watch the Euros, but the pandemic has made them want to watch it as something exciting to do
  • over 1 in 4 (28%) of Brits spending more time in the pub during the Euros in an effort to support local business

With the Euro’s underway, punters need to start getting their excuses in now to ensure that they don’t miss any big games. Greene King’s survey highlighted some hilarious and outrageous excuses such as feigning injury, lack of taxis and some even went to the lengths of cancelling their own wedding days to ensure that they did not miss out on the match! There really is no substitution to watching sport at the pub.

Chris Conchie, head of sport at Greene King, said: “We’ve missed our customers over the past year, but what better occasion than the European Championships to continue to welcome them back and cheer on our home nations.

“With a summer of sport on the horizon, you can finally gather your mates, enjoy the pub atmosphere and the refreshing drinks on draught – after all we’ve waited a whole year for this!”