Barbados Celebrates Centenarian Cpt Tom And Recognises NHS Heroes

Barbados’ Minister of Tourism and International Transport, the Hon. Kerrie D. Symmonds, M.P., has announced that in recognition of the incredible and selfless fundraising efforts of soon-to-be centenarian, Captain Tom Moore, Barbados will be extending an invitation to host him and members of his family on a visit to the island when it is safe to travel.

In addition to this, with its close ties to the UK, in wanting to give back: Barbados will be launching an initiative to thank the UK NHS staff for their front-line dedication.

Celebrating Centenarians

With the second highest number of centenarians per capita in the world, the island is immensely proud of its senior citizens, and Barbadians regularly celebrate and honour those who reach this significant milestone on a national scale.

In continuing this tradition of recognising centenarians, Barbados is offering its congratulations to a gentleman who has become the UK’s newest hero, Captain Tom Moore. Affectionately known as ‘Captain Tom’, Moore, a WWII veteran, will be celebrating his 100th birthday this Thursday, 30th April.

Barbados also wants to acknowledge and commend his extraordinary efforts in raising close to £30 million for the NHS, an achievement that has surpassed his original target of £1,000 almost 30,000 times over.

Given the natural synergies and shared history between Barbados and the UK, the destination would like to invite Captain Tom and three members of his family to visit, once travel is again possible.

Thanking NHS Heroes

Despite being an independent nation for almost 54 years, the island known as ‘Little England’ will play its part in thanking the brave NHS workers making sacrifices to protect and save the lives of patients in their continued fight against COVID-19.

NHS staff will be nominated by their friends and family through BarbadosCares.com, and will be given the opportunity to travel to Barbados, the number one Caribbean destination for UK travellers, with a guest. All entries will be judged by a panel to identify the twenty most inspirational stories. We will be communicating further details in the coming weeks, please continue to view the website for launch details.