BII Surveys Members Ahead Of Reopening

The British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) has announced that it is conducting a follow up survey of its 9000 strong membership.

The previous survey from 4 weeks ago was fed directly back to the team in Government who are now leading the Pub & Restaurant Taskforce. As a part of this Taskforce, the BII will ensure that their members’ updated feedback is also provided to this key team as they work on the reopening requirements for pubs.

BII CEO, Steven Alton said:

“We represent a wide range of individuals whose livelihoods are currently hanging in the balance. Along with our continued pressure on Government to ensure the wider packages of support for pubs are made available, we have the opportunity to represent our member’s concerns surrounding the viability of reopening during this pandemic.

It is essential that their voices are heard and that we reflect the huge differences in the challenges faced from one pub to another. Many are desperate to reopen and start back on the road to recovery, whilst others feel that with current social distancing measures in place, bringing their businesses out of hibernation could lead to business failure.

Our members hugely value the sharing of best practice and innovation that is at the heart of the BII. This survey will also allow us to collate our members’ ideas surrounding the safe reopening of their businesses particularly with restoring consumer confidence in mind.”