Brewery Offers Its Address So Homeless Can Vote

Staff at a Bristol brewery in Bristol have come up with a simple but effective initiative to help homeless people vote, by offering a place for people to register if they are homeless.

The owners of the Bristol Beer Factory have said rough sleepers from the city’s Southville area can use their address when they register to vote. The brewery posted a call out to twitter that said: “Don’t lose your vote.

To register to vote in the UK, a fixed address is needed but the Electoral Commission does make allowances for those without one.

The commission says homeless people can register at an address “where you spend a substantial part of your time during the day or night”.

A tweet from the company explained: “To register just come in and ask for a form, fill it out and return it to us before the 26th November and we will ensure you are registered to vote.”

Staff at the Arnolfi Cafe, in Bristol’s quay area, said it will help people print out forms and send them off ahead of the November 26 registration deadline.

Bristol Council confirmed that the Electoral Commission has given Bristol Beer Factory permission to be used as an address for homeless people, meaning the initiative is all good to go, ahead of 12 December’s General Election.