Heineken Launches Pub of the Future: Sustainability Trend Report

HEINEKEN UK has launched its second Pub of the Future trend report. The new Sustainability Edition of the future-gazing report explores innovation within sustainability, for hospitality businesses to discover and adopt in their own venues.

The Pub of the Future: Sustainability Edition looks at three trends impacting the hospitality industry while identifying how they will influence the future of the Great British pub. The report also provides insights and examples to help operators identify areas and small changes that can be made to improve their environmental impact and thrive for years to come.

The three key areas within sustainability the report covers include:

Innovation in Infrastructure

We highlight some of the best solutions created for decreasing the environmental impact of each physical venue. Green initiatives, smart technology and simple green switches for every budget are all explored, to help businesses reduce their outlet’s carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Experiences

The development of experiences to cater for the increasingly ‘switched on’ consumer is explored. With ‘conscious choices’ controlling a lot of consumer purchasing decisions, we identify ways the pub experience can develop to build a greater connection with their local area, their customers and the environment.

Serving up a Sustainable Offering.

The way outlets can serve their customers to encourage repeat visits is widely explored. Appealing across demographics; whether that’s adapting to dietary requirements, making changes to their menu’s carbon footprint or showing how they are making a positive change.

The Pub of the Future report is once again informed by the expertise of leading technology researcher, Elena Corchero and advice from on-trade operators, suppliers, independent experts and HEINEKEN UK specialists.

The future of sustainable pub and bar technology has been a key area of focus for HEINEKEN UK. Since its launch in 2013, operators investing in HEINEKEN SmartDispenseTM draught technology have collectively saved an incredible 110m pints of water – the equivalent of over 347,000 full bathtubs[1] – and 396 tonnes of CO2[2]. All while making sure that consumers are served a refreshingly chilled, great quality pint every time.

And with renewed focus on energy usage one of the more recent additions, SmartDispense™ Cellar Manager, can reduce consumption by 36%.  By measuring the temperature of the beer and cider at the keg rather than the air temperature of the cellar, Cellar Manager can turn the cellar cooling on and off while ensuring the beer and cider remains at the correct temperature. Independent tests confirm an average annual saving of 5,221Kwh, reduced carbon footprint of 1.11 tonnes (also referred to as CO2e number3) and average energy cost saving of £9404.

To discover the trends shaping sustainability within the hospitality industry and stay one step ahead of the competition, download a FREE copy of HEINEKEN’s Pub of the Future: Sustainability Edition here.