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NTIA Welcomes Announcement of Grass Roots Support Fund

Following the announcement of the Grass Roots Support Fund from DCMS through the Arts Council.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), expressed excitement about the newly announced NTIA Grassroots Music Fund. With a substantial £5 million allocation for grants of up to £40,000, this initiative is poised to have a significant impact on the dynamic landscape of grassroots music.

Describing the fund as groundbreaking, Kill emphasised its potential to be an inclusive and dynamic resource for the grassroots music sector. He particularly commended the fund’s commitment to representing the diverse facets of the industry, distinguishing it from traditional approaches that focus solely on ‘live’ performances.

In a departure from convention, the fund explicitly embraces participation from the electronic music and club scene, acknowledging their crucial contributions to the cultural and artistic tapestry. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the fund remains relevant to the evolving landscape of music creation and performance.

Kill also praised the fund’s holistic perspective, extending support beyond the spotlight of live performances. By giving due consideration to rehearsal spaces and recording studios—integral components of the grassroots ecosystem—the fund recognises the interconnected web of elements that sustain and nurture the grassroots music community.

The NTIA CEO extended full support and encouragement to all prospective applicants, emphasising that the fund’s commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and comprehensive support aligns seamlessly with the values of the Night Time Industries Association. He expressed confidence that the fund will catalyse positive transformations within the grassroots music sector.