Pub Landlords Warned “Flout Rules Risk Losing License”

Police have issued a strong warning to landlords that if they breach the government-imposed lockdown and continue to serve customers, commonly referred to as “lock-ins” they could lose their licence.

Prime minister Boris Johnson ordered pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants to close from Saturday march 21st during the coronavirus pandemic, however police forces including Lancashire, Derbyshire and the West Midlands received reports that some licensees had failed to do so.

Lancashire Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods said “this has got to stop”.

“If you carry on then you (publicans) can expect significant problems obtaining a licence when the time comes to open.”

Derbyshire Police said it has received a “large number of reports” that some pubs were opening, adding, “It is now against government restrictions for any pub, bar, club, restaurant or similar to open their doors for people to stay on the premises, including in beer gardens.

“We have dedicated licensing teams covering the entire county and officers are noting all licensed premises reported to be staying open.

“Any licensee who fails to comply with the government regulations and the terms of their licence may be handed prohibition notices and potentially unlimited fines. They may also face the loss of their alcohol licence.”