Tipping Row At Carluccio’s Intensifies As Waiters Say They Are Worse Off

waitress-2376728_960_720Waiting staff at Carluccio’s restaurants are hitting out after a change in tipping policy that has, they say left them hundreds of pounds worse off per month. Some staff said they would suffer lost earnings of up to £400 a month, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

Waiting staff previously received 65 per cent of tips paid on credit and debit card, with the rest shared between kitchen and bar staff. Tips are now allocated according to the number of hours worked, and are also shared with managers.

Front-of-house staff have argued that the change unfairly tilts the balance in favour of managers, who may work longer hours. Waiting staff can still keep any tips left in cash.

Employees have joined the Unite union in a bid to scrap a new policy that siphons off a great proportion of tips to senior managers.

Unite national officer for hospitality Dave Turnbull said:“Unite is proud to represent staff at Carluccio’s taking a stand against a tipping policy that has been imposed on them without any consultation and which has left them significantly worse off.

“Our members at Carluccio’s are understandably angry and don’t think it’s fair that managers and senior staff earning much higher wages are now getting a sizeable slice of the card and credit card tips, while those on the minimum wage lose out. We think that customers will be outraged too.

“It’s nearly a year since the former Prime Minister Theresa May promised new legislation to stop employers from using and abusing the tips customers leave for staff as part of the government’s push to end exploitative employment practices.

“But outrageously it’s still not law which means that employers like Carluccio’s are continuing to get away with finding new schemes to cheat the country lowest paid out of their tips. It’s not on. It’s time for the government to bring in this law.”