Wexiödisk Winners On Their Way To Milan

Two members of HCE Catering are packing their bags for Milan, after winning a competition organised by leading Scandinavian warewashing equipment manufacturer, Wexiödisk.

After being selected at random from Wexiödisk’s lucky box at the Commercial Kitchen Show, two members of the Hampshire based distributor will embark on a 3-night-trip to Milan which includes flights, luxury accommodation and tickets to the highly anticipated HOST Show 2019.

As well as this, HCE catering will also attend Wexiödisk’s exclusive Swedish Evening which provides the opportunity for guests to network and be wined and dined.

Having delivered the good news of HCE Catering’s winnings in person, UK & Ireland Country Manager, David Glover, was delighted to see the excited reaction of the team as he comments:

“It was a pleasure to personally reveal HCE Catering as the winners of Wexiödisk’s HOST competition, particularly given the team’s genuine excitement and gratitude for this unique opportunity.”

He continues:

“I look forward to joining HCE Catering on this trip, hosting them across their 3-night stay and introducing them to senior members of the Wexiödisk team at Host Show 2019.”