Chefs Hit Out At “No-Show” Bookings

Some of the country’s leading Michelin starred chefs have hit out at the bane of every restaurateur, customers failing to show up and honour their reservations.

Last weekend Tom Kerridge criticised 27 people who did not turn up at the Corinthia Hotel in central London without letting the restaurant know.

In an angry online post he said: “This industry, like many others is on the verge of collapse. Your behaviour is disgraceful, short-sighted and downright unhelpful. YOU are putting people’s jobs more at risk. You are the worst kind of guest, and that is ‘selfish’. I hope you have [a] good look at yourselves.”

And now another Michelin-starred chef has expressed his frusrtation after 27 customers in one day did not show up at his restaurant.

Paul Ainsworth, who runs several of restaurants in Cornwall particularly in Padstow, wrote an emotional post on Instagram about the “real cost” of no-shows after The Mariners in Rock suffered an underwhelming night.

He said “After the efforts our teams have put in to making our restaurants a safe environment and the money Emma and I have spent to make it possible. Disappointed doesn’t even cut it! To those 27 people who thought it was OK not to show tonight and that no one would miss you. You are very wrong. We were ready for you. The restaurant rota had been written for you. The team were waiting to welcome and take care of you.”

Some restaurants are now considering asking for non-refundable deposits.

In Cornwall, a group set up to raise awareness of the issue has “gone bonkers” within 24 hours.

Natalie Moore said about 40 restaurants and pubs had been in touch since she formed the North Cornwall No Show group.

“Restaurants have a limited capacity because of social distancing, meaning every seat is even more valuable at the moment,” said Ms Moore, from the Pickwick Inn near Padstow. Everyone is on their knees.”