127 Star Pubs Achieve Safe To Trade Award

Star Pubs & Bars achieves approved Safe to Trade status across its managed operator pubs

Star Pubs & Bars Group has achieved ‘Approved’ Safe to Trade Scheme status across its 127 reopened Just Add Talent managed operator sites.

A nationwide, independently-verified, COVID-19 safety standard, the Safe to Trade Scheme supports hospitality businesses in becoming COVID compliant, and has been launched by a team of top-ranking hospitality safety experts, including the former CEO of the Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency. With customer and employee safety as its core, the Scheme works with pubs and bars to ensure that their premises and teams are COVID-secure.

Underpinned by an industry-led safety charter, the Scheme helps UK hospitality businesses to trade safely, while also demonstrating to customers and employees that they are going the extra mile to keep the environment safe.

Experts from the Scheme have been working remotely with Star’s Just Add Talent operators to ensure their environments are Covid-19 compliant, covering all aspects of pub operations, including front and back of house, customer management and adherence to government Covid-19 public health guidelines.

Each approved venue has been independently audited against the Scheme’s Safety Charter by an Environmental Health Practitioner and has passed a strict approval process. All these sites are subject to stringent health and safety guidance, which ensures their operation is continually monitored and remains Covid-secure on an ongoing basis. The Scheme further supports these venues, providing training, risk assessments and access to an advice line for any additional Covid-related safety advice. The scheme is also on offer to Star’s 2400 leased and tenanted operators.

The Safe to Trade Scheme accreditation forms part of a £25m Covid-19 support package put in place for its licensees by Star Pubs & Bars. The company has also trained its 80 BDMs on how to deliver safe, successful pub openings, so they can provide tailored consultations for licensees.

Star Pubs & Bars Health, Safety & Operational Compliance Manager, Kevin Robertson comments: “The Safe to Trade Scheme gives our operators the tools to ensure that their team and premises are operating with Covid safety front of mind. It provides an independent verification that their Covid procedures are robust and highlights the extensive actions they have taken to protect the health and wellbeing of both their people and their customers.

“Membership of the Scheme not only ensures that operators are implementing Covid-safe practices to the highest standard but more importantly, it also guarantees that they are maintaining them too. All of which gives customers the confidence that they can visit our pubs and bars safe in the knowledge that they are visiting a Covid-compliant space.”

Mark Flanagan who chairs the Safe to Trade Scheme governance board comments: “I’d like to congratulate Star Pubs & Bars on achieving approved status for their 127 managed operator pubs. Each approved site has been independently audited against the Safe to Trade Scheme’s Safety Charter, which has been built by a best-in-class expert board to ensure that venues adhere to strict health and safety guidance.

“The Safe To Trade Scheme has assured advice status, which means that operators can be confident that their business is complying with the law and will receive protection from any Covid-19 related enforcement action. This is important when regulators have different views on what a business should be doing to achieve compliance.”