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SumUp Launches End-To-End Product Package For Quick-Service Businesses

The quick-service package from SumUp includes a range of solutions for coffee counters, takeaways and everything in between—all at a discounted price.

Kitting out your business with tools that support your staff and satisfy your customers improves the flow of your venue.
SumUp is launching an all-in-one setup for quick-service businesses that transforms how these businesses operate. The quick-service package includes a range of SumUp solutions with savings on hardware, software, transaction fees and more.

Each included product optimises a different customer or staff touchpoint, simplifying orders and payments, reducing queues and relieving staff—especially during those busy periods.

Point of Sale Pro
One POS solution for all of your daily tasks.

SumUp Kiosk
Customers order and pay freely, while your team focuses on the food.

Solo card reader
Never miss a sale with reliable payment acceptance.

Kitchen display screen
Give your kitchen staff the boost they deserve.

Point of Sale Pro, SumUp’s most extensive POS solution, is the central hub within this package. Made up of easy-to-use hardware and software, staff can take orders, accept payments and make important changes in a few clicks.

The POS system provides valuable insights through data and reports, and is integrated with tools like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Xero—ensuring businesses have everything they need in one place.

Orders can also be accepted via SumUp Kiosk, a self-service terminal where customers order themselves—reducing queues by up to 50%. The kiosk suggests add-ons to customers at checkout, potentially upselling on every order.

When it comes to payments, kiosks have an integrated card reader so customers can pay right away. The package also includes a Solo card reader, which can be used to accept flexible payments with POS Pro.

All orders—including those from delivery apps—are synced with the kitchen display screen, a separate display that supports staff by organising orders on-screen in real time.

With these solutions, SumUp provides an ecosystem of tools that work seamlessly together at an accessible cost.

All of these individual products can now be purchased as the quick-service package, priced at £599 (instead of £1,929).

Software costs are reduced to £59 per month (instead of £118) and card reader transaction fees are discounted to 0.99%. These fees are guaranteed to never be increased.

Businesses can access their daily earnings made via SumUp the next day at 7am—even on holidays and weekends.