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World’s First Pre-Mix is a Party for Your Taste Buds!

Hot on the heels of their successful new drink-in-a-can margarita, (which launched on World Margarita Day in February) Pergola Drinks is introducing a second new drink: Tequila and Tonic.

The world’s first pre-mix in a can Tequila and Tonic has been infused with the cosy warmth of cinnamon and the creamy sweetness of vanilla.

Pergola Drinks has been created by husband and wife team Rahul and Sheetal Murthy. The company is a cocktail creator with a focus on the premium market.

Sheetal said:
“Say goodbye to boring drinks! Pergola’s unique flavour combos take the tequila experience to a whole new level.

“Say hello to the world’s first canned Tequila and Tonic that’s gonna blow your mind! It’s like a party for your taste buds! Perfect for stocking up your minibars at home or adding a splash of excitement when you visit your favourite bar.”

Last month, Pergola Drinks jazzed up the classic Margarita with a kick of fresh mint and the exotic tang of yuzu citrus. It’s fizzy, it’s allergen-free, it’s preservative-free – and it’s about to become your new favourite go-to drink, whether you’re chilling at home or hanging out at your favourite bar.

Rahul said:
“Margarita with Mint and Yuzu takes the tequila experience to a whole new level. With a chill 5% abv, our cocktails are down for whatever – from lazy poolside days to wild wedding parties.

“What’s more, our cans are eco-warriors – no plastic sleeves here, just crush and recycle for a guilt-free sip!”