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Add A Festive Finishing Touch With Mixologist’s Garden

Mixologist Garden’s unique new range of innovative, ready to use fruit garnishes – created to help bartenders create the perfect serve – will give customers a drinks experience to remember while adding a little festive magic to bar sales this Christmas and New Year.

The six freeze-dried fruit options – Lemon, Lime, Orange and Strawberry slices, as well as whole Raspberries and Blueberries – are the ultimate bar hack enabling staff to quickly and easily deliver a memorable perfect serve for customers within seconds.

Hand selected for their superior quality and then freeze-dried to capture 100% flavour and appearance, these jewel-like fruits enable bartenders and mixologists to enhance the flavour and appearance of almost any drink – including cocktails, mocktails, sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks – without having to buy, store, prepare and ultimately waste fresh ingredients. Available in resealable 100g pouches, they quickly rehydrate on contact with liquid in the glass and with a long shelf life, can be stored at ambient temperatures without the need for refrigeration.

Each 100g pouch contains the equivalent of approximately 1kg of fresh fruit.

“Customers who go out to enjoy a drink are seeking something more than they can make for themselves at home – these fruit garnishes quickly and easily elevate all sorts of drinks from the fairly ordinary to the simply amazing,” commented Stuart Findlater, business director at Mixologist’s Garden. “They’re the essential addition to any busy bar especially at times of peak demand, enabling bar staff to add a truly memorable finishing touch to a drink in just a few seconds.”

Research carried out by Mixologist’s Garden showed that whether serving an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, for the occasions that demand a perfect serve, 90% require a drinks garnish. The research also revealed that 98% of consumers are willing to pay 5% more for their drink if it is served perfectly.

“While people buy with their eyes, their drinking enjoyment is enhanced by appearance and flavour,” added Stuart. “Equally importantly though, our fruit garnishes give operators a valuable opportunity to maximise profits at such a critical trading time of year.”

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