CAMRA Are Right, Pubs Play A Vital Role In Communities Says FPB

BarThe Forum of Private Business (FPB) has today backed a CAMRA study into the vital role of pubs in communities.

Ian Cass, Managing Director of the Forum, said: “It is clear that a viable and successful pub supports local communities as a central hub. It is therefore hugely concerning that the Government has done little to tackle the excesses of large Pub owning companies who have, in many cases treated, what is a vital part of our heritage and culture, as nothing more than a profitable asset to be squeezed and then sold when it has served its use.

“Whilst the Forum agrees that Beer Duty in the UK is higher than the rest of Europe, evidence shows that reductions in duty have had little impact on prices at the pump as the large Pub owning businesses simply avoid passing this on to the operator and, by extension, the consumer.

“Therefore, whilst we support CAMRAs continued campaign to address beer duty, until the greed within the industry is addressed, it will have little impact on the closure rate of pubs.”