Ciderologist Gabe Cook Leads A Cider Tasting In CAMRA’s Virtual Pub

Ciderologist Gabe Cook will lead a virtual cider tasting session to uncover the wonderful world of cider styles on Tuesday 28 April at 6pm.

Hosted at the Red (On)Lion, a new virtual pub created by the Campaign for Real Ale which allows beer and cider lovers to converge over a pint of their favourite drink, this tasting will form part of a series of virtual events known as ‘Tasty Tuesdays’.

Free and open to the public, the tasting will be limited to the first 50 participants to sign up and will help cider-lovers move beyond the normal descriptors of simply ‘medium’, ‘traditional’ or ‘scrumpy’.

Ciderologist Gabe Cook says: “Cider has never achieved a level of language or stylisation that has been associated with beer for centuries. Now it is time to learn what cider actually tastes like beyond terms such as ‘traditional’ and ‘scrumpy’!”

To prepare for the tasting participants will need to purchase cider from each list, which should easily be found in local supermarkets.

Cider List A – Tannic

  • Henny’s Dry Cider
  • Sandford Orchard Devon Red
  • Sheppy’s Vintage/Dabinett
  • Dunkerton’s Black Fox/Premium

Cider List B – Sharp

  • Sxollie Granny Smith
  • Aspall’s Premier Cru
  • Thatcher’s Katy
  • M&S Kentish Discovery Cider

To sign up simply visit and click ‘Join’ – up to 50 participants can get involved, and it will be on a first come first serve basis. You will receive a code by email which you can use to enter the presentation on the date.