Community Saves North Wales Village Pub

A North Wales village pub has been saved by its local community after being closed for over a year .

Villagers at Cerrigydrudion, Conwy faced the threat their last pub, and have raised an astounding £535, 000 in just a few weeks to save the pub from closure.

Locals formed Llew Gwyn Cerrigydrudion Ltd to get the pub open again after the closed in March 2022 to Covid. The building has been gutted and it is hoped to reopen for business early in December.

The village, which has a population of only 600, once had three pubs but the Queens closed about 20 years and the Saracen’s three years ago.

That left just the White Lion, whose claim to fame was that David Lloyd George once stayed there after being caught in heavy snow while returning home along the A5. In the 1970s it was owned by entertainer Ronnie Williams, part of the Ronnie a Ryan duo.

Villagers heard that a possible buyer was considering demolishing the pub and building flats on the site, motivating them undertake their campaign.

A spokesman for the company said “ It looked so sad in the middle of the village we all hoped one would buy it and reopen no such luck. It felt as though the heart was being ripped out of the village”

As locals set about their campaign retired local GP Dr Dermot Norton said the asking price was £350,000, however the owner was prepared to sell it to the local community for £325,000 on condition that it be up and running within three months.

“We decided to sell shares costing £5,000 each, and we have 65 shareholders, some holding more than one share.” He said.

In addition, those who couldn’t afford £5,000 have been able to sponsor a window in memory of a loved one.

“There are 47 windows, and as it’s a conservation area they have to be of a certain style, which can be expensive,” said Dr Norton.

Locals are looking forward to creating a traditional Welsh in with In 12 ensuite bedrooms restaurant, Airbnb, and a small caravan park.