Demand For Delivery Set To Surge Over Christmas, Especially If Venues Are Forced To Close

Pubs and restaurants who offer a take-away or delivery service can expect a surge in demand over the festive period, especially if they are forced to close according to KAM Media.

A snap poll, carried out last week by the research consultancy, found that 24% of respondents would consider purchasing a take-away from their local pub or restaurant over the upcoming Christmas period. This figure rose to an impressive 36% if their local hospitality venues were forced to close.

25% said they’d consider a take-away Christmas dinner on Christmas day specifically if venues are forced to close (24% if they are open.)

Katy Moses, MD, KAM Media: “Our clients are trying their best to plan for different scenarios, so we were keen to find out what customers are thinking right now. Obviously, things can change and lockdown measures are unpredictable but the results are very positive showing that a significant proportion of consumers are very likely to support the hospitality industry this Christmas even if venues are forced to close.”

The snap poll by KAM measured the interest of consumers across a number of potential scenarios over the Christmas period, such as mix at home cocktails and take-away kegs of beer.

20% of respondents said they would consider purchasing a “ready-to-cook Christmas meal kit’ from their local pub/restaurant if they were closed on Christmas day. 17% were open to the idea even if venues are open. This was particularly popular with GenZ and younger Millennials (26%.)

Other ‘celebrate at home’ kits proved popular with 25% saying they’d consider purchasing a ‘New Year’s Eve ‘celebrate at home kit’ from a local pub/restaurant eg alcohol and snacks. 20% said they’d be interested even if venues are open.

The poll also showed that there continues to be an opportunity for venues to maximise different day parts, even during the festive period. 22% said they’d consider visiting a pub or restaurant for breakfast or brunch on Christmas day. 24% said they’d consider celebrating New Year’s Eve earlier in the day this year, by visiting a pub or restaurant for lunch instead of dinner.

Gift vouchers also attracted a significant amount interest: 26% would consider buying a gift voucher for a pub/restaurant if venues aren’t open- and 22% would if they are.

“In my mind, this area of income is totally underused by the industry and now, more than ever deserves focus. Any operators out there who don’t do gift vouchering right now- or don’t do it very well- should act now to capitalise on this consumer-led trend” comments Moses.

Readers can access the full results here: