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Facilities Maintenance Visibility, Cost Control and Improved Compliance

Ostara Systems focuses on helping clients manage maintenance costs, especially in the F&B and Hotel sectors with clients such as Whitbread and Admiral Taverns.

The Ostara System establishes a culture of paying for completed work using automatic cost calculations based on contractor rates and time on-site. The Ostara Mobile App validates engineers’ attendances to sites, while proprietary Bluetooth technology can replace QR codes for more accurate data.

Further cost control options include replacing fixed cost quotes with estimates based on agreed rates, time, parts, and miscellaneous costs, acting as a ceiling for costs rather than a fixed amount. This then works alongside the check-in and time on site processes cited earlier, resulting in the client only paying for actual time spent and parts used.

Customizable authorisation rules allow for a flexible approval processes, with single or hierarchical structures, based on a range of conditions. At all authorisation statuses there is functionality for spend value comparison to a budget.

However, it is clear to Ostara that it is not just client expenditure that proves costly, but also the client’s manpower. An automated invoice validation process reduces the burden of invoice review, while legislative compliance reporting identifies actual compliance levels and PPM needs, based on what clients should have, not just what they have.

One of the key advantages of CAFM Systems is the ability to systemise and reduce client administrative input.

However, this should be accompanied by a level of client oversight and review. Ostara’s built-in auditing process allows clients to audit invoices based on specific criteria and sample size.

Finally, one of the key applications and benefits of a CAFM system is client ‘buy in’ to the process and world of maintenance. Ostara’s self-service portal and mobile app enhance client involvement and job information capture, improving the maintenance process. All work order information can be captured, including all email chases and notes, resulting in clear job history in one place.

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