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Food Waste Dryer Slashes Hospitality Food Waste Costs

Hospitality costs are up all over the place with utilities, fuel, food, staff and product costs all contributing to the inflationary pressures. In addition, new legislation will add further cost pressures. The Environment Act 2021 bans food waste going into general waste and down the drain in disposal units, so you’ll need separate, additional wheelie bins. So where can you cut costs and increase profits without cutting service and putting off customers?

One answer is in waste disposal and in particular food waste disposal. If you can reduce your food waste wheelie bins your bills will go down.

The Eco-Smart Food Waste Dryer is taking the country by storm, saving catering and hospitality owners around 80% in food waste disposal costs. Hotels, restaurants and hospitals have all taken advantage of the easy-to-use technology which has been in the UK for over ten years now. The concept is very simple: you load the food waste throughout the day and turn it on at night when it’s full. The machine extracts the water from food waste, (typically about 80% of the weight) overnight, leaving a dry powder, only 20% of it’s former weight and volume, a fraction of the original wet food waste. Simple and effective.

Six models from 20kg to 350kg daily capacity take all types of food waste so even small premises can benefit. It is a ‘plug and play’ solution: you just need a power socket and a nearby sink drain for the extracted water to drain off. “The new legislation will add costs. This machine will reduce your costs. It’s also a hygienic solution which ends the headaches from vermin and pests of food waste in bins and compactors.” said David Boyd from Eco-Smart.

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