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Prowrap Dispensers Are a Cut Above Thanks to the New Speedwrap Pro

Did you know that just 1kg of food waste sent to landfill produces the same amount of carbon emissions as 25,000 500ml plastic bottles?

That’s not to say plastic waste isn’t also a problem that we need to solve. But the impact of food waste is much more serious, while also being harder to describe and much less direct. And, as around 12% of all wasted food occurs in the hospitality and foodservice sector, foodservice operations have a direct influence on this very real problem.

At Prowrap, we’re committed to helping foodservice operators balance food and material waste, minimising both to create a more efficient, profitable kitchen.

That’s why we’re updating our market-leading Speedwrap film, foil, and parchment dispensers with a new, improved range – the Speedwrap Pro – making them faster, safer, and more efficient.

Saving money and materials with every use
Outside of environmental considerations, there’s also the financial angle to consider. Wasted food is wasted money – and, at a time when the cost-of-living crisis is squeezing already thin profit margins, this can have catastrophic consequences.

WRAP estimates that food waste costs the foodservice sector £3.2bn every year – an average of £10,000 per outlet. This is money that many outlets simply cannot afford to lose. Throwing food in the bin means you’re leaving money on the table.

However, on particularly busy shifts in the kitchen, it’s easy to see how wrapping and unwrapping small batches of ingredients or garnishes can get missed from time to time.

That was the problem we, at Prowrap, set out to solve when we designed our new Speedwrap Pro dispenser. Like its predecessor, it cuts precise lengths of cling film with a simple press on its lid, streamlining the wrapping process while also minimising the amount of cling film that is wasted. If you’ve ever spent precious time wrestling with a box of cling film trying to get the integral cutter to make a clean cut, you’ll understand how that time can add up quickly, spilling over into the rest of the kitchen processes. No more soggy serrated cardboard edges and twisted, ragged lengths of cling film – just quick, clean cuts every time. That’s Speedwrap Pro.

All dispensers are made in the UK, significantly reducing carbon footprint during the manufacturing process. The Speedwrap Pro 300 and the larger Speedwrap Pro 450 model feature several upgrades that emergered from our understanding of the fine balancing act between food and plastic waste.

The new Speedwrap Pro
Now made in the UK, we designed the Speedwrap Pro to be as efficient as possible – and that process always begins with safety. Nothing can derail a kitchen’s process like an accident, which is why we improved the cutting action of the Speedwrap Pro with a patented sheathed blade. The blade only unsheathes and makes a cut once the lid of the dispenser has been pushed closed, dramatically reducing the risk of accidents.

The compact 300 model is ideal for smaller kitchens thanks to its minimal footprint. Meanwhile, the wider 450 model is essential for catering businesses that regularly have to wrap larger platters of prepared food or other ingredients.

Both models include antimicrobial technology for enhanced dispenser protection to reduce the risk of contaminants spreading onto stored food during the wrapping process, which will help when preserving highly perishable ingredients. But the benefits of the new dispensers go beyond reducing food waste, as they are also designed to reduce material waste with each use.

The Speedwrap Pro is launching a fully recyclable refill roll across its film, foil and parchment range. The plastic adapter required for the previous model will be removed and as a result, will dramatically reduce plastic use. We’re excited to be introducing a range of fully recyclable films and our foil refills, which are proudly made from recycled content.

As the foodservice industry continues to throw up unexpected challenges, it’s important for operators to have a set of tools and processes they can rely on. That’s why Speedwrap Pro is a must for any kitchen looking to reduce its overall environmental impact and improve efficiency.

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