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Logicall: Elevating Food Safety with Smart Monitoring Solutions

In the bustling world of cafes, bars, and restaurants, Logicall’s temperature monitoring solutions aren’t just a luxury—they’re a necessity. Here’s why your establishment needs our innovative technology

Food Safety Compliance: Regulatory bodies demand stringent adherence to food safety standards. Logicall’s LoRaWAN temperature probes ensure continuous monitoring of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms, providing real-time insights into temperature conditions. This proactive approach not only prevents food spoilage but also safeguards your business against compliance issues.

Instant Alerts for Swift Action: Temperature breaches can be disastrous for perishable goods. Logicall’s instant alert system via text, email, or audible alarms ensures swift action in the event of fluctuations. This rapid response not only saves stock but also maintains the quality and safety of your food products.

Easy Deployment and Scalability: Forget the hassle of Wi-Fi dependencies. Our temperature probes utilise long-range communication technology, ensuring seamless connectivity across your entire establishment without the need for complex Wi-Fi infrastructure. This not only simplifies deployment but also makes scaling your monitoring capabilities a breeze.

Preventative Maintenance with Smart Sockets: Logicall’s smart sockets go beyond temperature monitoring. They provide real-time data on energy usage and cold storage unit health, allowing you to proactively address potential issues. By optimising energy consumption and preventing equipment failures, you not only save money but also ensure uninterrupted service to your customers.

Logical Checks Food Probing App: Simplify your kitchen operations and go paperless with our Logical Checks app. Designed to digitise all your HACCP temperature checks, this user-friendly app streamlines your kitchen’s daily routines. Ensure compliance with ease, leaving behind the burden of manual checks and embracing the efficiency of digital monitoring.

Real-Time Display Screens: Take control with Logicall’s real-time display screens deployed throughout your kitchen. Monitor the status of your fridges and freezers in real-time, ensuring that your entire kitchen team is on the same page. This visual solution enhances communication and allows for swift corrective action, minimising the risk of temperature-related issues.

In summary, Logicall’s temperature monitoring solutions are vital for cafes, bars, and restaurants aiming for excellence in food safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Invest in our technology today and secure the longevity of your perishable inventory while ensuring the highest standards in food quality and safety.