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Low and Alcohol Free Drinks – It’s Not All About “Dry January”

John Gemmell, On Trade Category and Commercial Strategy Director at HEINEKEN UK discusses the rise and popularity of no and low alternative stock

1/3 of UK adults are now moderating their alcohol intake . Health and moderation are becoming increasingly prevalent in drinkers’
lives, meaning no and low alternatives are becoming a must stock feature – as they are crucial for enticing health-conscious consumers into the on-trade and making them feel part of the occasion.The no and low category is continuing to grow, and is now worth £45m in the on trade alone . Its rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down. As the demand increases, it is even more important to review your no and low offering and adjust your range accordingly.

By early 2020, the no and low alcohol sector was in 36% growth and worth £94M (0.6% share of total Beer and Cider) in the UK and £8M in Scotland at the start of last year. Its rapid growth shows no sign of slowing down. Covid-19 has accelerated the moderation trend. As more and more people moderate their drinking, abstain – temporarily or for the long term – now is the time to review your no and low offering and adjust your range accordingly.

Even when moderating, drinkers remain category loyal – meaning a cider drinker would prefer to choose a non-alcoholic cider than a zero-alcohol lager. Therefore, it’s important to have a brand for every drink category, from lager, ale, cider, spirits and wine, so nobody has to compromise.


Heineken 0.0 is the number one no and low alcohol brand . Catering to the 65% of UK adults proactively trying to lead a healthier lifestyle , Heineken 0.0 is only 69 calories a bottle making it the perfect alcohol-free option that doesn’t compromise on taste.With fridge space at a premium, stocking Heineken 0.0 delivers twice the rate of sale than other big brands in this segment . Or, with 90% preferring draught to bottled beer , consider stocking Heineken 0.0 on draught via SmartDispenseTM BLADE. Serve freshly tapped pints of Heineken 0.0 from any counter-top. BLADE’s plug and play advantage means you don’t have to swap out an existing tap to meet this consumer demand for draught. Heineken 0.0 is the first alcohol-free draught beer that can use the existing cellar set-up and sit alongside regular beer taps in any pub – allowing operators across the UK the opportunity to maximise on the growing demand for no & low options.

Through Star Pubs & Bars, we saw that stocking Heineken 0.0 in both packaged and draught format delivers 133% uplift in volume sales versus selling packaged alone , so this is a great option for those with more space. Your customers remain category and format loyal, so having a non-alcoholic beer on draught alongside its alcoholic alternative drives inclusivity and encourages greater sales all-round.


Old Mout Berries & Cherries Alcohol Free is the number 1 no and low alcohol cider in the on-trade53, distributed in over 5,000 outlets. It commands a higher RSP than soft drinks, making it a great way of unlocking additional category value and a must-stock for operators. As consumers remain category loyal, this popular alcohol-free option is an ideal way to entice cider drinkers looking to moderate, making them feel part of the social occasion.

Not only is Old Mout Berries & Cherries Alcohol Free made using natural flavours, suitable for vegans and gluten free, it has the same great taste as its alcoholic counterpart. Stock this popular alcohol-free option to meet consumer demand.