Most Britons Support Vaccine Passport For Pubs And Bars

The majority of Brits think drinkers should not be allowed to visit bars and pubs without proof of a vaccination against Covid-19, according to a poll by YouGov.

Prime MinisterBoris Johnson revealed the government’s roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions, and with plans being drawn up for the reopening of public spaces there has been the suggestion of a “vaccine passport” system. This system would involve giving everyone a vaccine passport once they have received their COVID-19 vaccines, and allowing services and venues to re-open so long as they only serve those who have already been vaccinated.

“What I don’t think we will have in this country is – as it were – vaccination passports to allow you to go to, say, the pub or something like that. I think that that would be going it a bit.” He said back in February.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has previously warned of the “practical, legal and ethical issues” surrounding the rollout of a vaccine passport system.

However, YouGov research found that some 56% of those polled believed that Britons should be required to prove they had been vaccinated before visiting pubs and bars, while 72% thought that proof should be mandated before visiting a care home.

Overall, almost six in ten Britons (58%) would support the introduction of a vaccine passport system as soon as possible while the vaccine rollout is still ongoing, including a quarter (28%) who strongly support the idea. Some 34% of the population would be opposed to the idea, however.

However, just 33% believed that vaccine passports should be required for pub gardens, while only 45% thought they should be required for use of public transport.

Under current plans to ease restrictions, pubs may be able to serve customers in beer gardens from 12 April provided conditions set by the government are met.