Nearly Half Of Brits Are Planning A Staycation As Hotels And B&Bs Prepare For The Big Summer Of Spending

New research from Smart Energy GB reveals how small businesses have been making upgrades to prepare for the ‘big summer of spending’, including getting a smart meter to better manage their bills and become more sustainable.

It’s good news for independent hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs, with research suggesting that British staycations are at an all-time high. A quarter of Brits (25%) have booked a holiday in the country for the summer months, and nearly half (49%) are planning to head somewhere in Britain before November.

With the average spend on these trips set to be just under £500, it’s no surprise that there is due to be an expected £12.4 billion spent on staycations in the next 6 months. And, for businesses looking to maximise their profits, making upgrades that boost their eco credentials is the way forward.

Brits are happy to spend an extra £11 per night at a guest house or hotel that is sustainable, with just under half (47%) saying they would pay more for a greener stay.

When it comes to environmental upgrades, over half of small businesses (51%) have introduced measures that make their business eco-friendlier, with over a fifth (22%) reducing their plastic waste, 20% deciding to use more recyclable materials, 18% going entirely paperless, and nearly half (44%) embracing a smart meter.

Over 1 in 10 (11%) small businesses have installed a smart meter since the start of the pandemic with a further 25% saying they have either applied for one or plan to get one. Of those who have had one installed, three quarters (76%) say they are more conscious about their businesses’ energy usage which has led to an average estimated monthly utility bill saving of £32.80, that’s a huge £394 a year!

Smart Energy GB’s Fflur Lawton said: “The last 18 months have been incredibly tough for businesses but with the world starting to re-open, we’re all looking forward to the Great British Summer. Lots of businesses have been looking at ways they can optimise themselves and the experience of their customers, upgrading their booking and ordering and even the way they track their energy by using smart meters.

Nearly half of British micro businesses are already use a smart meter to help keep track of their energy usage and checking if your business is eligible for a smart meter couldn’t be easier. Every single one fitted across the country is a positive step towards a smarter nationwide energy system.”