These boxes of award-winning traditional artisan shortbread are made by local people in the heart of the New Forest.

They are genuinely a local product.

Tracy Thew has made shortbread for family and friends for more than 50 years, now her team make small batches of her recipes at Burley Rails Cottage. They lovingly craft and seal them in recyclable bags and biodegradable boxes on the day they are baked.

The packaging is charming, every box is adorned with images of the stunning New Forest by local Artist, Will Drew. They feature stories on the tear-off cards will illustrations by another local Artist, Shaun Stevens.

They make perfect doorstep gifts, hamper fillers, welcome gifts in guest hotel rooms and table gifts for business meetings and conferences. Also wedding favours acting as a delicious gift that can be dressed up by a Wedding Planning or Calligrapher to match a wedding theme and act as a place setting.

Indulge in the buttery bliss of our artisan New Forest Shortbread with every bite – a delectable treat with a 1-star rating in 2022 Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards! Our shortbread are made using only the finest ingredients, ensuring a premium taste experience and wholesome treat every time.

Tracy’s All Butter Original New Forest Shortbread was recognised by the Guild of Fine Food and their ‘Great Taste Awards 2022’ with a 1-star rating.

This esteemed organisation of 500+ experts gave their consent for the irresistible flavour and texture of this traditional shortbread, noting its “homemade appearance, even golden bake, rich buttery finish, soft snap, and dairy aromas”, which melt in the mouth with a toasty flavour.

These boxes say your hospitality is grounded in the beauty and culture of your area; they give a tangible take away which will be remembered…long after the shortbread has been consumed.

Please call Tracy Thew on 07471 684639 for information on prices, discounts and added value, e.g., bespoke boxes and seals.