#Nonefortheroad- Drinkaware Issues Festive “Don’t Drink And Drive Campaign”

Drinkaware has joined forces with the government’s road safety campaign THINK! to push the important message to drivers this festive season – don’t drink and drive.

Police forces across the country have already set up extra checkpoints to test drivers for drink and drugs. With hospital resources already stretched this festive season because of the coronavirus, we are urging all drivers to adopt a #NoneForTheRoad approach to keep themselves and others safe.

We’ll be promoting #NoneForTheRoad on our social media channels, urging drivers not to drink if they plan to drive.

Drinkaware’s Jennifer Walters said: “Drink-related incidents on the roads are completely avoidable if drivers simply avoid alcohol altogether if they plan to drive. Even one drink can affect our judgement, and because our bodies process alcohol differently, we can never be sure we’re under the legal limit.

“What’s more, there is nothing you can do to speed up the rate alcohol leaves your system. Having a cup of coffee or a cold shower won’t do anything to get rid of the alcohol. This means you may be over the limit, even the morning after drinking.”

According to the Department for Transport, December was one of the worst months for drink-drive related incidents in 2018. There were 530 accidents and 790 casualties as a result of drink-driving.

Jennifer adds: “We know this Christmas will be different. With many pubs and restaurants closed, the UK’s roads may be quieter than usual. But while the nation might be making fewer journeys by car, the crucial thing is if you are making any, even short ones, please don’t be tempted to have a drink. And be wary about driving in the morning if you’ve been drinking the night before.”

How to stay safe on the roads this Christmas:

  • If you plan to drive, don’t drink at all
  • Stock up on alcohol-free drinks at home, and take them with you if you visit someone’s else’s home
  • Remember that if you’ve been drinking the night before, you might still be over the legal limit in the morning

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