North East’s Pubs Will Need Financial Help To Survive Local Restrictions Says CAMRA

Pubs in the north-east will need financial assistance to survive restrictions says CAMRA.

Commenting on the decision to close pubs at 10pm as well as the imposition of restrictions on going to the pub with anyone outside your own household in County Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, National Chairman of CAMRA Nik Antona said:

“These restrictions will be a big cause for concern for pubs in the region and their ability to stay open, turn a profit and pay their staff.

“The vast majority of pubs and pub-goers in the North East and across the country are doing the right thing. They are acting responsibly and willing to do whatever is necessary to provide a safe, Covid-secure place for communities to meet and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of having a pint with friends and family.

“Ministers should now provide evidence that curfews and restrictions on who you can go to the pub with will be effective in reducing transmission of Covid-19, as well as emphasising that it’s still safe to go to the pub with your own household if you follow the rules. Otherwise, we could see a huge financial impact on viable pubs who are already operating under much tighter restrictions than other businesses, with no positive effect on controlling the virus.

“The Government should also introduce a new financial support package and extend the furlough scheme for affected pubs to help them cope with reduced trade that will come as a result of these restrictions. This is the only way to avoid permanent pub closures and further job losses.

“CAMRA continues to encourage people in the North East to use pubs in a safe and responsible way during this period of restrictions in order to support our well-loved locals during these tough times.”