Owners of The Crooked House Pub Ordered to Rebuild After “Unlawful Demolition”

The owners of The Crooked House pub, dubbed “Britain’s wonkiest inn” have been ordered to rebuild it after it was destroyed last year in a suspected arson attack. The former pubs owners e were served with an enforcement notice for the unlawful demolition of the building today (February 27) .

South Staffordshire Council said it has served the owners of the property with an enforcement notice that “requires the building to be built back to what it was prior to the fire” within three years, the notice also specifies the building materials they must use.

Leader of South Staffordshire Council Roger Lees said: “A huge amount of time and resources have been put into investigating the unauthorised demolition of the Crooked House.

“We have had great support from the local community, our MPs and the Mayor of the West Midlands, and from the campaign group whose aim is to see the Crooked House back to its former glory which is the key objective of the enforcement notice.”

Originally built as a farmhouse in 1765, The Crooked House is believed to have been a pub since about 1830. Its “wonky” appearance was caused by mining subsidence that had caused it to sink and was scheduled for demolition in the 1940s before the wonky building was made safe with reinforcements.

The pub had become a popular tourist attraction in the area and visitors recalled how they would be given a marble to roll along the bar that appeared to be rolling uphill.

Gary Timmins, CAMRA’s Pub and Club Campaigns Director said: “The destruction of the Crooked House was a national tragedy, so it’s fantastic news that the owners have been ordered to rebuild the pub brick-by-brick. This is exactly what we were hoping to hear from South Staffordshire Council, and it’s a testament to the hard work of all the dedicated campaigners who stepped up and fought for the Crooked House.

“It has also been great to see Marco Longhi MP and West Midlands Mayor Andy Street champion this cause. It’s now vital that systematic change happens, to ensure that the Crooked House is the last time we see such a shocking loss. Unfortunately, CAMRA is still investigating eight from 2023 where pubs appear to have been demolished or converted without apparent planning permission. We’re calling for Government to bolster planning policy so that unscrupulous developers know they will face action if they breach the law.”