A brand-new integrated range of products for cooling and keeping ales is being offered by seasoned ‘ale engineers’ Filton Brewery Products. A newly developed and patented cask cooler beats all records for speed and efficiency in cooling real ales, working in tandem with a modular and rather neat piping system, which makes use of standard fittings from the likes of Wickes or Screwfix, Filton can ensure precise service temperatures are delivered and at around only 10wh per cask, the Spile Probe is a serious contributor to the decarbonisation effort.

“The new range closes a long standing, industry wide weakness, in the products offered to those wanting a reliable and professional system for cooling and serving cask ales in out-of-cellar situations, typically back bar dispense or beer festivals.

But this system goes much further, learning from the days before cellar cooling and applying modern technologies. There’s huge potential for energy and cost savings in the cellar, without any significant change to normal service routines”.

For more info call 01323 847386 or email sales@filton.net.