In 2023 the South West had over 18 million single use hot and cold drinks cups. The plastic lids and PLU lined cups equate to over  80,000kg of single use plastic waste.

The hospitality industry sustains us but is also responsible for a large part of this plastic crisis. The is now a solution launching to the trade at Source 24. The Good Cup is a 100% plastic free hot and cold drinks cup with a unique integrated folding lid: meaning No More Lids! Fully compostable or simply recycled as paper. The Good Cup is being brought to the UK by Liskeard based No More Lids Limited and leading the change from our glorious South West.

The cup is available in 4 sizes and suitable for drink and food service. Its unique aqueous lining ensures no leaks or soggy cups and even if the cup goes to landfill there will be no trace in under 6 months and ZERO negative impact on the environment.

The South West counties have the largest combined coastline in the UK and we know first hand the issues the single use plastic and increasing tourism waste can create on our beaches and wildlife. It’s time to make a change!

Say Goodbye to PLU lined cups and plastic lids and say Hello to The Good Cup.

Visit No More Lids and Swift Catering Supplies on Stand H7 at The Source Trade Show or go to our website at to find out more.