Soaring Energy Costs are Hard for Hospitality to ‘Bear’, MP Told

Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns tried his hand at three hotel jobs during a fact-finding visit to The Bear Hotel, and learned of the acute problems that energy prices are creating for hospitality.

The Bear, in Cowbridge, near Cardiff, is part of the Town and Country Collective group of hotels and restaurants.

Directors Julian and Freddie Hitchcock told Mr Cairns how soaring energy bills, on top of other rising costs, are hitting the group ‘very hard’.

Mr Cairns said he would pass on the concerns of the businesses to the Treasury, and said the hospitality industry was vital to the future economic growth of the Vale of Glamorgan:

“This industry is a main driver of the economy in towns and villages across the Vale and Wales, so it’s vital we all try and help them as much as possible to survive in yet more very challenging times for the sector.”

During his visit, Cairns undertook the tasks of some of the staff at the hotel, to help promote the wide variety of work and career opportunities on offer. He pulled a pint, helped executive chef Tom Bowsher plate up a menu special, and sat in on a management meeting.

“A career in hospitality offers a job for life, transferable skills and rapid promotion and I hope more people of all ages will give it a try and find their niche,” he said.