Stonegate Group Celebrates Energy Reduction Strides Across Sites

Stonegate Group recently celebrated the huge efforts made by General Managers, Craft Union Operators, and their teams in reducing energy usage in their pubs, bars and venues.

As part of the company’s sustainability journey, an energy reduction incentive has run over the past 9 months resulting in Stonegate saving energy equalling 5 million kWH– enough to power a small village for a year!

To recognise the most energy conscious General Managers, Operators, Area Managers and Regional Managers, 150 each received a ‘golden ticket’ to attend the company’s first Energy Ball, which took place at Rosies, Birmingham.

On the night, a host of energy efficient prizes were up for grabs including a £28,000 MG4 EV electric car, electric bikes, and the equivalent of paying a household energy bill for a year.

The lucky recipient of the car, Danny White, General Manager from the Music Hall Tap, Chester, who has worked with the company for 13 years said, “I am overjoyed to win this extremely appropriate prize! I can’t believe I have won a brand-new car, but giving away such an incredible prize is typical of the reward and recognition culture at Stonegate.

I’m really proud of the work my team and I have done to reduce our energy consumption and it was a great honour to be invited to the Energy Ball.”

David McDowall, CEO of Stonegate Group said, “This initiative is a part of Stonegate Group’s sustainability journey and we have made some amazing strides towards energy reduction across all our sites since we launched this programme. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far as one team, and it was important to recognise the significant efforts made by our managers, operators, and teams.”