Warwickshire Hotel Launches New Brailled Guide For Visually Impaired Guests

A Warwickshire hotel has taken a big step toward inclusivity and accessibility with the launch of its pioneering braille wedding guide – coinciding with National Braille Day on January 4, 2024.

Billesley Manor Hotel and Spa has announced the braille initiative as part of its journey to make the hotel more accessible to visually impaired guests.

Recognising the importance of inclusivity in hospitality, Billesley Manor has crafted a comprehensive braille wedding guide, designed to provide visually impaired guests with an immersive and independent experience during their stay. The guide offers a detailed layout of the manor, including room layouts, amenities, and essential information, empowering all guests to navigate their wedding at the estate with confidence.

Laura Cherrington, Sales Director at Billesley Manor, expressed her enthusiasm for this initiative, saying: “Today, more than 30,000 people in the UK use braille to help them communicate. At Billesley Manor, we believe in creating an environment where every guest feels valued and welcomed. The introduction of our braille guide aligns with our commitment to ensuring an inclusive and accommodating experience for all our guests, regardless of their circumstances.”

Laura continued: “Embracing inclusivity is a constant evolution and a promise we continue to uphold, and it’s our commitment to building it into the very essence of our offerings, ensuring that every person feels welcome here. With every addition, we’re redefining hospitality.”

This launch serves as a catalyst for future initiatives as Billesley Manor pledges to extend its accessibility efforts throughout 2024. Plans are underway to expand the braille provisions to encompass menus and room information packs, creating a more independent experience for visually impaired guests.

The braille wedding guide will be available for use this month.