Wetherspoon Hotels Praised By Which? Survey/ Which? Who Then Add Incorrect Statement

Wetherspoon has come out on top in a survey by Consumers’ Association Which?, that compared its hotels to those run by fellow pub chain Fuller’s.

Wetherspoon scored an overall 79 per cent customer score against Fuller’s 69 per cent.

The hotels were scored against three criteria; bed comfort, bathrooms and value for money, as well as comparing the cost of an average room rate per night, full english breakfast and 175ml glass of pinot grigio.

Wetherspoon scored five out of five in the value for money category.

The report added that “Readers raved about one of the chains……..Wetherspoons wowed in our UK hotel chains survey.”

However, Which? then makes the following inaccurate and untrue statement (in relation to the coronavirus crisis).

It stated : “Mr Martin later told staff that he might not pay them on time, while details of the government furlough scheme were still being agreed. He reversed the decision only after public criticism.

Which? then added: “Our next pint will be in Fuller’s.”

Tim Martin said: “I’m delighted that consumers have awarded Wetherspoon hotels top marks for value for money and that we scored 79 per cent.

“Fuller’s hotels and pubs are excellent, so this is a high class comparison.

“Which? have got it wrong. “They have based their comments on a distortion of the facts, which undermines their position as an impartial and unbiased organisation.

“In a video recorded less than 48 hours after pubs shut, I said “all our endeavours are going to be on trying to make sure that you (staff) get your money and the pubs reopen”.

“An email was sent to all staff, with the video, on Monday 23 March, the first day of “lockdown”, which said “all employees will be paid as normal on Friday 27 March”.