Young’s Pubs Sign Up To Low Alcohol Guide

With 8.6million people across the UK moderating their alcohol intake¹, having a great low and no alcohol offer in your venue is becoming more important than ever. That’s why Young’s pubs has become the first major chain to sign up 200 pubs to clubsodaguide.com, the UK’s only guide to low and no drinks and where to find them. Young’s & Co Brewery run some of the best neighbourhood pubs and city bars in London and the south of England.

Last month the British Beer and Pub Association also revealed that 45% of UK adults felt comfortable ordering a low or no alcohol drink at the pub.² It is clear low and no alcohol drinks are a key moderation tactic. It is not just about abstinence, but instead the result of a whole pattern of shifts driven by everything from sugar-free diets to a greater awareness of mental health.  One in four pub visits are now alcohol-free³, with lots of new opportunities for venues to develop their offer earlier in the day and in the week off the back of new low and no alcohol drinks.

The Club Soda Guide lists over 3000 venues and their alcohol-free choices. Every venue listed is scored out of 5 depending on how many low and no alcohol drinks they provide.  77% of Young’s pubs listed score 4 or 5 (in comparison to 54% nationwide). Visitors to the site can discover a great venue local to them, by searching by postcode or the name of their town or by checking out where their favourite drink is stocked. Low and no alcohol drinks available at a number of Young’s pubs include Lemonaid, Lo Bros Kombucha, Big Drop beer, Lucky Saint beer, Small Beer and Seedlip.

Laura Willoughby MBE Co-founder, Club Soda says:

“People who are drinking less alcohol still want to go out and spend time with friends. They want to connect in all sorts of social spaces and clearly we need great tasting drinks to fuel those experiences.

We developed the Guide,to bring drinks brands and venues together to support the entirety of the mindful drinking movement, and most importantly, help people find great places to go out when they’re not drinking. It’s great to team up with Young’s as they truly understand their customers needs by offering a quality range of low and no alcohol options, making it easier to find somewhere great to socialise – that includes everyone.”

Hattie Liddle, Marketing Manager, Young’s & Co Brewery, says:

“At Young’s we take pride in our range of craft beers and beautiful wines, so it makes sense to put just as much thought into our low and no alcohol range too. There is a growing demand for alcohol-free beers, non-alcoholic spirits, tonics and lower sugar sodas, and we want to stock the best. It means all our customers have a quality experience whatever they are drinking, and that promotes loyalty, choice and flexibility. It is great so many of our venues score highly on the Guide”

Customers can nominate their favourite local online or by tagging @clubsodaguide and the venue on Twitter or Instagram. Club Soda will then get them added to the Guide so more mindful drinkers can find them

If you manage a venue, or a chain and want to get listed on the Guide for FREE, then contact Jessy: guide@clubsoda.co.uk