Hospitality Cymru Welcomes Rates Relief For Sector And Calls For Wage Subsidy For Affected Businesses

Hospitality Cymru has today welcomed a suite of measures introduced by the Welsh Government to support hospitality businesses in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The impact on hospitality of restrictions on movements has been catastrophic, and the announcement of rates suspensions for the sector go some way to alleviate the cashflow problems. The proposal that the UK Government introduces wage subsidies for those employees at risk of job losses is also welcome, echoing the position of UKHospitality, the sister organisation of Hospitality Cymru.

Executive Director, Dave Chapman, said: “It is great news that the Welsh Government has recognised the value of the hospitality sector in all parts of Wales, and introduced this total rates relief. Businesses large and small, rural and town-centre, have been devastated by the recent drop in trade that the outbreak has caused. This is exactly the action we were looking for when leading hospitality businesses wrote to the Finance Secretary on Tuesday night.

“The Government is also right to identify that more needs to be done. We need urgent help to support our valuable staff at this time when our venues are nearly empty. Wage subsidies need to be introduced as early as possible so we can support our teams through this torrid period and so we can continue to contribute to the Welsh economy and our fantastic tourist offer when this crisis is over.”