Many hospitality establishments found their trade impacted by unpredictable weather conditions in 2023. This has led to more businesses looking into how they can make themselves less weather reliant. Woodberry are sharing some top tips on weather-proofing your trade so that you feel confident in welcoming customers rain or shine!

Invest In a High-Quality Shelter
Investing in a high-quality shelter that meets all your customer’s needs is a great way to encourage them into your space, even if it’s dark and raining. Investing in a shelter will give your customers as a warm, dry and atmospheric space to sit all year round. Your shelter can also be used for holding events or hiring out for parties which offers you another way to bring in profit during quieter times.

Set the Atmosphere
The atmosphere of your establishment will help people decide if your space is the right one for them. During the warmer months you may want to bring in brighter colours and faux plants to create a relaxed but fun environment. You might also want to consider string lights and patio heaters as people stay outside longer. In the winter however, it is a good idea to provide throw pillows, blankets and mood lighting to create a cosy atmosphere.

Use Indoor-Outdoor Furniture
Indoor-outdoor furniture offers you an extra element of flexibility so you can easily move the chairs in or out depending on your customer’s needs. A lot of commercial indoor-outdoor furniture is light weight, stackable and easy to store which also makes it an ideal investment for establishments that occasionally hosts events.

Woodberry offer a wide range of outdoor shelters that can be tailored to your needs and furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Call our friendly team for any advice on which outdoor shelter is best for you.

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