New Study Reveals Europe’s Safest Countries to Go on Holiday in 2022

A new study has revealed that Switzerland is the safest European country to travel to this Summer.

The research, conducted by Forbes Advisor, analysed metrics such as the quality of bathing waters, the quality of healthcare and the rate of thefts and homicides and merged the results in a final safety score, to find out the safest holiday destinations in 2022.

1. Switzerland
According to the findings, Switzerland is the safest country to visit this year, with a Safety Score of 88.3.
Switzerland has the best quality of healthcare out of all the 29 European countries analysed in the research (893 out of 1000 according to the Euro Health Consumer Index), followed by Netherlands (883) and Denmark (885).
Besides, the country ranks sixth in the ranking for the best quality of bathing waters, with 93% of bathing waters in the country being excellent quality, following Cyprus (100%), Austria and Greece (98%) Malta (97%) and Croatia (96%), based on data from the European Environment Agency.
The study also considered pollution levels, based on measurements of atmospheric particulate matter that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) from IQAir. Switzerland’s average PM2.5 concentration of 10.8 means it has the tenth cleanest air in the list, while the rate of homicides according to Eurostat is low compared to other countries, at 5.7 per million, amounting to 50 homicides in 2019.


Registering one of the lowest homicide rates, amounting to 4.8 per million, Slovenia is the second safest country to travel to according to the findings, with a Safety Score of 82.3.
With average pollution levels (13.3 PM2.5), and healthcare quality (678), the country’s bathing waters also perform well, with 85% rated as excellent.
If you’re looking for a place to explore or a solo trip, this could be the right place for you.

With a Safety Score of 82.1, Portugal is the third safest country to visit this Summer.
Ranking seventh for excellent quality of waters (93%) with Switzerland and Germany, Portugal is fourth for quality of air, with one of the lowest air pollution rates (7.1 PM2.5), after Finland (5.5 PM2.5), Estonia (5.9 PM2.5), and Sweden (6.6 PM2.5).
Portugal ranks tenth for healthcare quality after Germany (754).

With a total index score of 81.4, Austria is the fourth safest country to travel to in 2022.
The country has one of the highest percentages of excellent bathing waters out of all the countries analysed (98%), second only to Cyprus (100%) and ranks seventh for quality of healthcare (799 according to Health Consumer Index), following Sweden (800) and Finland (839).
The number of homicides is also low compared to other countries, amounting to 8.2 per million people.

With a final Safety Score of 81.2, Germany is the fifth safest country to visit in 2022.
The country’s percentage of excellent bathing water amounts to 93%, making it mainly safe for swimmers and tourists.
Eighth for best air quality (with a pollution level of 10.6 PM2.5), and a low number of homicides per milli most of the other country safety record twice than ours 81 compared to 44 Switzerland 88 got your down on (6.9), Germany is the ideal destinations for all sort of travellers.

A spokesperson for Forbes Advisor comments on the findings:
“Safety can be a decisive factor when people are considering where to spend their holidays, and these figures show there are considerable differences across Europe when measuring factors such as the quality of bathing waters or the levels of theft.

“These numbers shed a light on the importance of travel insurance when moving around different countries. Being covered by travel insurance means you can receive financial compensation for losses as well as covering medical expenses in the country you are visiting, making the experience as smooth and calm as possible.”

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