Team Members from Craft Union Pub Company Graduate from Internal Training Programme

The first cohort of Ten Craft Union Pub Company Regional Managers have recently graduated from Stonegate Group’s internal training and development programme, named Elevations.

The Elevations Programme is a bespoke training and development programme for Craft Union Pub Company, and part of Stonegate’s multi award-winning Albert’s Theory of Progression. The programme is designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of Craft Union Regional Managers, and is made of five modules, consisting of classroom-based development workshops, pre and post project work, personal development plans, social media communication groups and over 30 business toolkits.

This year’s graduates celebrated their career achievement and development at Stonegate’s Academy, in Birmingham, alongside Craft Union Pub Company’s Development Director, Carol Roderickson and Operations Director, Frazer Grimbleby.

Tim Painter, Director of HR, said: “Well done to all the Elevation graduates, it is a fantastic achievement. At Stonegate we are committed to providing industry-leading learning and development programmes that allow all our teams to grow and progress within their career journeys.

“Craft Union is focused on community and places pubs back at the heart of their local communities, and the work the teams do carrying this out was recognised at this year’s Publican Awards as they won the 2022 Best Community Operator title. The Elevation Programme provides Regional Mangers with support and the skills to carry out this philosophy and help our pubs continue to play a part in their communities.”