32 Pubs A Month Disappeared In 2022

The number of pubs ‘disappearing’ from the English and Welsh communities that they once served, having called last orders for the final time during 2022, whilst down 13.1% on 2021 levels, still topped more than 32 a month.

Pubs are grappling with soaring energy costs, rising food prices and weakened consumer demand with most pubs now taking drastic action to try and stay afloat and conserve cash by either reducing opening hours or going into hibernation through temporary closures.

Analysis of official Government data by the real estate adviser Altus Group, shows that the overall number of pubs in England and Wales, including those vacant and being offered to let, fell to 39,787 in December down 386 compared with 40,173 at the same point in 2021.


England & Wales Pub Numbers Pubs Lost
End of 2017 42,450  
End of 2018 41,536 914
End of 2019 41,063 473
End of 2020 40,617 446
End of 2021 40,173 444
End of 2022 39,787 386

Source: Altus Group


Pubs which have ‘disappeared’ from the communities that they once served have either been demolished and/or converted into other types of use such as homes, offices or even day nurseries with a total of 2,663 being lost in the last 5 years.

Altus Group’s Ben Nelson said, “many publicans that I speak to are worried that this could be their last Christmas and really needed certainty about future support.” The Government’s current energy support package for businesses runs out in March.

Nelson added ““high operating costs and low margins make plots attractive for alternative investment and use so continued support is vital to protect pubs as they play an important role at the heart of their local communities.”

Wales lost the greatest number of pubs in 2022 with their numbers down 50 to 3,010 whist the West Midlands saw their numbers decline 46 to 3,933.


End of 2021 End of 2022 Difference
Region Number of Pubs
East 3,766 3,726 40
East Midlands 3,610 3,578 32
London 3,604 3,563 41
North East 1,983 1,959 24
North West 5,361 5,322 39
South East 5,739 5,706 33
South West 4,726 4,682 44
Wales 3,060 3,010 50
West Midlands 3,979 3,933 46
Yorkshire/Humberside 4,345 4,308 37
TOTAL 40,173 39,787 386