Admiral Taverns Launches Sustainability Roadmap with £1 million Initial Investment

Admiral Taverns community pub group is unveiling its sustainability roadmap, investing £1 million into energy saving initiatives across its estate. The Group has announced a five-year plan, aiming to reduce carbon emissions across all areas of its business.

The roadmap, which ensures reducing its environmental impact underpins Admiral’s long-term sustainability plan, is based around five core pillars; Energy and Water, Buildings, Packaging and Waste, Product Sourcing and People, Social and Community.

The initial £1 million investment will target over 450 of its least energy efficient pubs with energy saving initiatives to help licensees combat rising energy costs in their community. Admiral has identified cellar management systems and fridge managers as two of the most effective measures to help preserve energy, with the potential to save 1,586 tonnes of carbon per year. The new systems will be installed in partnership with Technik2, a leading supplier within the industry.

The initial investment comes when the cost of living is at an all-time high, and many pubs face more than a 300% increase in energy bills. Cellar managers can save approximately 30% of energy needed to cool cellars, and fridge managers can save 33% of the energy used to power bottle fridges. Both will be instrumental in helping its pubs reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, supporting their sustainability as a hub for their communities.

Andrew Hallam, Head of Property at Admiral Taverns, commented: “We’re proud to launch our sustainability roadmap and are committed to making sure sustainability is at the core what we do. At Admiral, we pride ourselves on supporting our licensees and this £1 million will target the most energy inefficient pubs, reducing both their costs and our carbon emissions. Our pubs are the cornerstone of the communities – reducing the energy usage will ensure they can continue to thrive in the long-term.

“Sustainability is of the upmost importance to us and over the next five years, our future areas of focus will include water, waste, product sourcing and the community. We are working with energy expert, Hospitality Energy Saving and Sustainability, to ensure our sustainability plans offer the highest decrease in energy costs. Reducing our environmental impact is key to the long-term sustainability of Admiral’s business.”