Brains Announce Support Package For Its Partnership Pubs

Welsh brewer and retailer SA Brain has launched an additional support package for its pub partners, “all the way into 2021”, which will include a phased rent plan, discounted draught pricing and an enhanced staff training programme.

The move comes ahead of venues in Wales being permitted to open fully on Monday, 3 August. Brains said it would initially reopen 40 of its managed pubs on the day and expects the majority of its 60 partners to follow suit.

In a statement the group said “The hospitality industry, like many others, has faced huge amounts of disruption over the past four months. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel with pubs in Wales expected to be permitted to open fully on Monday 3rd August. On that day Brains looks forward to reopening 40 of its managed pubs and anticipates that the majority of its 60 partners will also open their pubs.”

“In order to support our partners, we have announced further measures to support their businesses well into 2021. As we entered lockdown we immediately suspended all rents for our partners and our intention is to support them all the way into 2021 as they adapt to the “new normal” and its impact on trading. Our support is tailored to give us the flexibility to ensure that both our partners’ businesses and our own business will be sustainable in the long term. Our intention has always been and will always be to ensure we have a long term viable and sustainable business relationship with all our partners. Our partners’ success is critical to our success.”