Bring Boozers Back As “Offies” Say UK Public

MORE than half of the UK think the government should re-open pubs – and allow them to operate as off-licences, according to a poll.

The pub trade is reeling, with the latest raft of lockdown laws in place until March 31. The government has suggested pubs may remain closed until May Day.

Digital pollsters asked more than 7,000 people: “Should the government allow pubs to act as off-licences during lockdown, selling drinks in sealed containers?” The results are as follows:

  • Yes: 54%
  • No: 29%
  • I don’t know: 18%

Nearly 60% of men say “Yes” compared to 48% of women.

Conservative voters, at 56%, are slightly more keen on the idea than Labour voters, 52%.

Scottish National Party voters at 70% are most in favour of the plan.

Regionally, the Welsh are the people who want pubs as off-licences most of all at 61%.

Breakdowns by age, newspaper readership and other categories are available.

Last week The Campaign for Real Ale wrote to business minister Alok Sharma asking for “urgent clarification and assurances that pubs would be able to operate as off-licenses”.

You can see the full results here