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Caterers’ Chicken Curry

A warming winter curry that serves up to 20 portions.

2kg diced chicken (breast or thigh)
2kg diced potatoes
1000ml coconut milk
1.2kg sliced red onions
200g chopped garlic
4 stalks lemon grass
45g turmeric
30g coriander seeds
30g red chilli powder
15g cumin seeds
15g salt
15g sugar
Oil for frying


• Toast the coriander and cumin seeds in a dry pan.

• Blend the onions, garlic and turmeric together with tablespoons of oil and the toasted spices.

• Heat oil in a large pan and add the blended spice mix and the stalks of lemon grass, together with the chilli powder, salt and sugar.

• Gently cook for 15 minutes before adding the coconut milk.

• Once the mixture is up to boiling point reduce the heat and add the chicken and diced potato.

• Simmer for 30-40 minutes until the sauce thickens and the chicken is cooked through.

• Serve with cooked basmati rice.