Data Reveals 56% Growth To Average Tip Amount, Providing Hospitality Workers With Much-Needed Boost

The latest data from TiPJAR, reveals that hospitality guests were significantly more generous when it came to leaving a tip during the first week of trading, than when they were when purchasing takeaway and food delivery services during lockdown.

TiPJAR’s data, which is pooled from its network of more than 1,200 venues, reveals that the average tip per individual transaction increased by 56% compared to the previous week, suggesting that drinkers and diners are more appreciative of hospitality as a service at venues, as opposed to when it is received as an experience through takeaway and via delivery platforms.

Overall, tipping activity increased by 650% throughout the week, compared to the week before, across all sectors. While a significant increase was expected, it does further enhance the notion that guests value good service when it comes to them leaving a tip. This is also further evidence of the pent-up demand and excitement at visiting venues for the first time this year that has been widely experienced across the sector.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, tipping activity related to food delivery services was down by almost a quarter (23%) throughout the week, as more people took the opportunity to visit venues in person.

James Brown, co-founder of TiPJAR, said: “It goes without saying that the first week back, for those venues in England fortunate enough to have outside space and therefore able to reopen, was a welcome step back to normality. It’s been an incredibly tough period for everybody in the sector, including staff, so to see the evidence in our data that customers have been generous with their tips is a much-needed boost for teams.”