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Delivery Accounts For One-In-Three Foodservice Occasions During Lockdown

According to the latest Lumina Intelligence quarterly Eating & Drinking Out Panel report, delivery accounted for a third of foodservice occasions in the 12 WE 24 January 2021 – 43% when click & collect is included.

Across the 12 weeks, both delivery and click & collect purchases peaked in January. Foodservice delivery’s share peaked at 31.7% during WE 17th Jan and click & collect peaked at 20.1% during WE 24th Jan 2021.

Subsequently, food purchased on-site saw its share decline over the 12 weeks, starting at 61.9% during WE 8th November 2020 and ending the 12 weeks with a share of 45.8% during WE 24th Jan 2021.

Cafes is the leading channel for on-site purchases, driven by drink only occasions, with Costa Coffee the most popular brand amongst consumers within the channel. In contrast, quick service restaurants account for over 50% of all delivery and click & collect orders.

On a positive note for operators, average spend per consumer has increased across the 12 weeks. Average spend per order over the three months was £10.48, with the highest average spend at £12.84 for WE 10th January, compared to the lowest of £9.15 for WE 22nd November.

Treat is the main reason for consumers using out of home channels, while being too lazy to cook is the second most likely reason.

Blonnie Whist, Head of Insight at Lumina Intelligence said, “Compared with the November lockdown, January has seen an increase in delivery and click & collect orders, as well as rising average spend. Tighter restrictions since Christmas have boosted delivery occasions, which directly correlate with on-site operator availability and consumers wanting to treat themselves during January blues.”

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