Heineken UK Launches The New Payment And Loyalty App Helping Pubs Reopen

  • Swifty is a new payment and loyalty app designed to help operators reopen and navigate the “new normal” post-lockdown
  • The easy-to-use interface allows users to view menus, order and pay at table and book in advance, supporting social distancing measures by reducing the need for physical contact in outlet
  • Starting at £24 a month, the software seamlessly integrates with existing EPOS systems, supports the sale of all foods and beverages and can also include promotions and loyalty campaigns to reward customers and incentivise visits, once appropriate to do so

HEINEKEN UK has launched Swifty, a new payment and loyalty app to help on-trade operators navigate contact-free reopening and adapt to post-lockdown government measures.

In collaboration with The only way Togo, Swifty was developed specifically for pubs, bars and restaurants. The easy-to-use app allows operators to take orders on all food and drink menu items, incentivise visits and manage footfall digitally, without the need for physical contact with the customer.

In line with the government’s expected reopening guidelines, hospitality operators will need to meet social distancing and hygiene standards when opening their doors to customers. Swifty supports these measures and eliminates the need for physical contact at the bar by enabling customers to book a table, view menus, place an order, and pay their bill directly from their phone.

Additional features to help operators get back on their feet include promotions and loyalty campaigns designed to encourage repeat visits, and a reservation management feature that enables venues to monitor and manage footfall by letting users reserve tables in advance.

Starting at just £24 per month, Swifty is a total retail solution available to all operators, across all food and beverage brands. With three tiers of packages – Swifty Lite, Swifty Premium and Swifty Plus, Swifty offers greater flexibility for operators to select the service that is right for their business and budget.

HEINEKEN UK Head of Data Driven Commerce On Trade Matt Rix, comments: “We know many outlets will find adapting to new social distancing measures extremely challenging. Swifty is designed to make that process as easy and successful as possible for both customer and operator. The aim is to make customers feel confident when visiting outlets during the immediate reopening and keep them coming back long into the future as we transition in to the ‘new normal’.”

“While Swifty is a technology solution, it has the benefit of being backed by HEINEKEN’s wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. By combining our expertise as brewers, retailers and suppliers with an industry-leading mobile solution, we’re able to uniquely provide our customers with the means to kick-start their operations once lockdown has been lifted.”

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