Hospitality Sector Calls On Welsh Government For Support

UKHospitality Cymru writes to Senedd outlining scale of crisis facing businesses and necessary support

UKHospitality Cymru has written to members of the Welsh Senedd outlining proposals for the support of Welsh hospitality businesses during the “firebreak” lockdown and beyond.

The letter highlights the scale of the crisis facing the sector and proposes measures to safeguard and support the 140,000 directly employed in hospitality across Wales.

UKH has highlighted the need for extended and sustained emergency support to ensure that businesses survive the winter. There is particular concern for businesses who are unable to access grant support due to their rateable values exceeding £51k.

The trade body has also urged the Welsh Government to ensure that restrictions are imposed for no longer than is absolutely necessary, with a clear roadmap for businesses beyond 9 November, to allow them to plan.

The Welsh Government has been called upon to revisit its travel ban and review the curfew, two-metre social distancing measures and the ban on households mixing.

UKHospitality Cymru Executive Director David Chapman said: “The package of restrictions currently in place are having a hugely debilitating effect on Welsh hospitality businesses.

“We fully understand the need to control the spread of the virus and promote public health. Hospitality businesses have spent time and money to make their venues safe for customers, and we are happy to take the necessary steps to keep customers safe.

“We need help to do that and businesses need support to survive this winter and keep jobs secure. We do not want businesses that can do so much to help rebuild the Welsh economy next year, to be unintended victims of measures designed to keep communities safe.”